Blood, Sweat and Tears

It was my day off today, and guess what treat I had lined up for me? Two fillings at the dentist. Lucky me! Thankfully they took minutes and the clean was more uncomfortable than the actual fillings.

Today is my first day off when I’ve not gone back to bed in the day, which is an achievement for me. I’ve kept busy, making apple crumble with port soaked sultanas (not sure how that will turn out) plus a couple of mini crumbles for my friend and her 3 boys.

I’ve also replenished the home-made granola we’ve been eating. It’s so much cheaper than the shop bought stuff – a Kelloggs chocolate granola was on special offer at £2 and we got about 6 portions out of it. Adding a little bit of chopped dark chocolate to the home-made stuff makes it feel a bit more luxurious. This is the recipe I’ve been using. So, still in the kitchen on my days off. A good sign, I believe.

I got my first proper cut in the kitchen last week. Bread knife to the top of my first finger. Flapping flesh and lots of blood. Head chef’s solution was a hot knife to cauterise it. Although I felt a bit of a wimp for not accepting this treatment, a quick trip to A&E in my split (yes, I injured myself on my own time) and I was back to work. I was seen pretty quickly considering how minor my injury was. I reckon it was a quiet day!

Tears, there have been a few, mostly caused by frustration. Talk about males not knowing what to do when someone is upset! The bright side of my blubbing is that I feel even more like getting back to it the next day. I’m learning from my mistakes, which makes me feel more confident. It’s tough at times but I’m game!

I’m having some influence in ordering the kitchen which at times is like working in a cupboard with no light on, in terms of space and locating things. Organising ‘my’ fridge is the latest thing and I need to draw up a fridge plan for the wall. Basically I want everyone to be able to work efficiently and have what they need to hand, and have as much space a possible to do it. Down with clutter!

Laters x

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