An Update On Chef Life



An update. I did 55.5 hours of work last week. That is nearly double what I used to do in a week. To be honest, I didn’t feel it too much whilst I was doing it, because when I’m busy I don’t feel tired, and when I get home I go to bed. It was when I got my 2 days off that it hit me! A tired feeling that I’ve had before, but a most unpleasant feeling. Plus it’s my time off so I don’t want to feel tired on my days off! However a lot of the two days were spent in varying levels of slumber.

I also experienced feeling cross with myself for being tired. How dare I try and recharge my batteries! (I’m currently running on AAA size but soon I’ll be one of those big rectangle ones you put in your smoke alarm). I have to learn to just go with it. I have a good book, what’s wrong with reading a bit of that and then having a snooze?

I am eating less. Bet you’re surprised at that one, eh, what with me working in a kitchen? I have breakfast, and I have some lunch after 3.30. By the time I’m home, which is usually 10.30pm or later, it’s too late for dinner so I have a bath (I stink of kitchen smells) and go to bed. I’m a whole meal down each day. I miss cooking in my kitchen and when I get a proper dinner, it’s a novelty.

There was an experience last week that nearly saw me changing my mind, but thankfully I rationalised it ( thanks to the CBT I had) and saw it for what it was. And I’m still there/here!

I’m learning more about the background stuff, like the prep and how to do it and how to manage the fridges. Apparently my salads look good (not a fan of salad, maybe I would be if I had one of my own) and desserts (naturally ;)) and I’m getting quicker at doing several starters at once.

I’ve been cleaning and organising lots, which I like to do because when you are in a hurry you don’t want to be scrabbling through the unopened bottles of stuff to find the one opened bottle you need to use. My patisserie section looks good 🙂 and obviously, cleaning is a daily job in a kitchen.

I’m getting on well with the other staff, especially the chef I’ve spent most of my time with. They are a good bunch.

I’m hoping to come in to my new uniforms today when I arrive at work 🙂 fingers crossed.

Adios 🙂

One thought on “An Update On Chef Life

  1. Good grief hun! Sounds like you are being kept busy! I know how tired my son used to get when he worked in the kitchens, it is very busy indeed and then he used to sleep all day on his day off! Glad all is going well x

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