Day 30: 30 Days of Baking

It’s arrived. 30 Days of Baking is over! That exclamation mark does not mean I’m glad it’s finished, by the way. There isn’t a sigh of relief leaving my throat (although I think I’ll enjoy relaxing as soon as I get home from work today) because I’ve really enjoyed this challenge. Yes, I’ve had evenings […]

Day 29: 30 Days of Baking

It’s the day before the end. I’m going to miss my new found ritual of reaching for my mixing bowl to magically make a cake out of a few ingredients. Lots of people have asked me if I’m sick of making cakes. The answer is no! At least one person seemed disappointed with that answer. […]

Day 21: 30 Days of Baking

Some calculations this morning led me to discover I have so far used 58 eggs, and just over 4kg of sugar. 9 days to go to add to this total! London Marathon day today. I brought an orange and almond torte to the marathon supporters tea and cake day at my uncle’s house. The recipe […]