New Job!

I sit here at 9.04 on Monday morning, leisurely sipping on my daily coffee, contemplating the week ahead. I’m not at work. I’m not going back to that work anymore, because I have a new job. A Brand New Job! That I start tomorrow. I am very excited about it. I dreamt of it last night, although I’m sure my dream is not an accurate representation of what the job will be like. I am going to be a trainee chef, and in my dream I was on my own on my first day, having to make okra stew. Yuck.

It’s a bit funny, the way it came about. I saw a few adverts for kitchen porters/trainee chefs and looked up the establishments. I applied to one or two, but didn’t expect to hear back, not really. As it happened, after a couple of emails to one of the jobs, and a wrong email address to send my CV to, requiring me to ring up, I started talking to the boss, he asked some questions about me (kind of like a mini interview) and at the end of the conversation, it transpired that he already had my CV on his desk and it was arranged for me to come in for an interview the next day.

I didn’t feel particularly nervous about this, mostly excited and curious to see the venue and the people that work in it. My interview was very informal and consisted mostly of the owner informing me how tough it can be in a commercial kitchen, which was a good thing because at least he was being honest with me and preparing me! I was asked to come in at the weekend to work, for me to find out if it really was for me, and I guess for them to see if I was suited to the job too. I drove home from the interview with a massive smile on my face, hardly believing this was happening to me.

I spent the weekend there, and I got stuck in, plating up stuff and cooking a couple of bits. I didn’t do any washing up which I was expecting to have to do. The team were amazing, the head chef was down to earth and told me at the end of my shift that if I wanted the job, it was mine, which was great to hear. I was working mostly with a young lad who was at catering college but also did some shifts in the kitchen. He was amazing, never forgetting I was there, explaining everything to me,  letting me have a go and encouraging me to have a go, too.

During the times when he was busy, I had learnt enough to go ahead and plate up the desserts without him, trying to remember each element that was meant to go on the plate! I didn’t always get it right but someone always noticed if there was something missing. It was at times pressured, but I liked that feeling! I even shouted out when my plates were ready for service.

I was so excited and inspired I was up at 7am the next morning making plum curd to bring in. I knew it was something I wanted to do, and being given the chance, I had to take it! As soon as I got my job offer I let my boss at work know. To cut a long story short, a 4 week notice period ended up being one and a half weeks for a couple of reasons. I left in a bit of a hurry, and I will miss everyone that I worked with, but I know I am going on to something I really want to do.

The name of the place I will be working is The Crown in Aston End, Stevenage. Tomorrow is my first day. Wish me luck!

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