An Ode To Sriracha

There’s always room to be more daring in life

Have you been afraid of chilli sauce? Hands up, I know it’s not just me.

The red for danger

The promise of your tongue on fire, does not appeal to us all.

Heat, but no flavour

Pain, but no pleasure

And then the aftermath…

It’s my time to be more daring in life

And join the chilli sauce loving masses.

But hold on! Not just any old chilli sauce

Not your 2 pots of chilli sauce from the chicken and chip shop

That’s not worth being brave for.

SRIRACHA. You temped me to step over that line.

Packaged in a generic plastic bottle, you look insignificant and unsubstantial,

Yet I bought you for my boyfriend. Now you are also for me. Yes.

 I was tempted to try what I have read so many rave about, a little drop on my finger was the test.

Burn? Yes, it burnt, I could cope with the burn, then there was flavour which unwrapped itself on my tongue

Pleasure and pain were there for me to see.

On salads, on potatoes, on chips, on anything.

SRIRACHA. What was my life like before you?

Not as good as it is now.

Get some.sriracha

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