In The Name of Science

There goes the weekend… zoooom, up the road and into the horizon, leaving us for another 5 days, when it sees fit to grace us with its presence again.

My weekends tend to range from jam-packed, to the polar opposite, which allows me to still be sitting in my pyjamas well into the afternoon. There isn’t really any middle ground. I’m grateful for both types, but the slothful side of me always longs for the latter, especially after having one of the former.

You might laugh when you discover later how I spent my ‘jam-packed’ weekend. I’ve never had a really busy life, which suits me well. I like my time doing nothing, and if I want to fill time, I can, but I don’t have to. At the moment. Saying that, this next week is going to be busy. I’m doing something each night after work, all pleasurable I must add.

Friday concluded with me baking 3 different things – a lemon yoghurt cake, apple and raspberry crumble muffins and some chocolate and peanut butter cookies, under The Happy Kitchen moniker. It took a while and I had an achy back by the time I’d finished. I made them for the High Town festival, which was happening Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July, on High Town Road in Luton. I’d arranged to drop the baked goods off at Shop 33 On Saturday morning. Off they were delivered, and off we went to the festival just before 1pm.

shop 33 1

We ended up at The Bricklayers Arms, a lovely old pub (and where I may have got myself a job, accidentally on purpose!). They were selling a festival ale, specially brewed for the festival. When it comes to alcohol, I prefer Jack Daniels, but also like fruit ciders and wine. I’ve never been a beer kind of girl (except for when I was in Bangkok. There is no dodgy tale to accompany this). This light ale was so nice! It was incredibly refreshing, and light, and slipped down a treat. A treat that I indulged in a little too much. Here is where the title of this blog comes into play. You see, I’d heard that drinking real ale does not give you a hangover. What a claim! I had to investigate for myself. Ale was imbibed in quantities that my body could not really deal with. I went home (was taken home) and woke up the next day, a little worse for wear, and tired, but no hangover! It was true! I didn’t do anything until 3pm when I had a bath, then went to my mum’s for a birthday BBQ (hers, not mine), hi mum!

Little did I know what I was going to experience on Monday morning. Oh Lordy Lord. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like that. My eyes didn’t want to be open, I felt like I might wobble into a heap on the floor at any moment. I was not on Planet Earth. I felt like I looked tired, which someone confirmed. Kind of them. It took 4 pints of squash/water to sort me out. I think I was dehydrated (duh). I now feel back to normal. Is it my age? Is that why I’m getting a delayed hangover?

It seems that the cakes sold out, save for one or two. That is good because I wasn’t expecting that to happen to be honest. Last week’s Happy Kitchen – Rigatoni with aubergine – went down well, too, although coincided with an Ofsted visit which messed with some people’s lunchtimes! No Happy Kitchen this week, I do not have the time! Looking forward to lots of experimenting in the holidays though. Those chocolate and peanut butter cookies were pretty good. Just like the ones that are a little chewy in the middle.

So, my jam-packed weekend consisted of me drinking, getting drunk, and sleeping. That all takes up a lot of time, you know…

Wishing myself to feel normal in the morning!

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