Sunday Makes

The weekend was a scorcher. Saturday and Sunday saw me having a mid-afternoon nap, very nice it was too. On Sunday we managed to escape to Stockwood Park for a little picnic of bread and boursin, pizza and mango. It was a welcome trip out of the house, and away from the computer and work for my other half. As we left with our giant whippy ice-creams, I mentioned that I hadn’t made anything this weekend yet and that seemed wrong.

I thought about baking, and a recipe Eric Lanlard did on his Baking Mad show. He’s a funny character, with his not-quite-correct English. He likes his glitter and glitz on cakes, which isn’t something I go for to be honest. Anyway, he showed you how to make cola cupcakes, made with cola, obvs. So I had a nap, and when I woke and saw the time, I half didn’t want to do anything. I then kicked myself up the butt and went to the shops to buy some coke and single cream. My mistake, as I discovered later, was to buy cherry flavoured Pepsi Max – I didn’t even know that existed. It didn’t matter and it was worth a try. I followed the recipe to the letter. It produced a very runny batter which was easy to pour into the cases. The cakes, which were done in the specified time, were very pale and looked a bit like undercooked dough.

cola cupcake batter

cola cakes

cola cupcakes1

I also made the icing, but halved the quantity as I didn’t have enough butter. It was really runny, and I wasn’t able to pipe it. The cakes were very moist, but almost to the point of being soggy. Looking at the comments on the recipe, I think I’d not add the milk next time, or only add a little. The flavour? There’s a very subtle cherry cola taste to the cake, and it’s barely discernible in the icing. Not really a hit.

So that was make number 1. Make number 2 was a savoury one. I had some salmon that I’d defrosted. Not really fancying a simple grilled salmon steak, I wanted to try to make a quiche or tart. I had some shortcrust pastry out of the freezer.

blind baked

I then poached the salmon in milk and a little water. Meanwhile, I prepared and fried some yellow pepper, spring onion and red chilli:


fry veg

I arranged the veg at the bottom of the pastry case along with the poached salmon and made up my own mixture for the filling. I had a look at a few recipes for the same sort of thing, mostly to gauge how many eggs would be needed for it to set. The consensus was 3, which I mixed with single cream, grainy mustard, salt and pepper and filled the case. It was the perfect amount which was lucky as I had guessed. 30 minutes in the oven and out came a delightful looking quiche.

quiche recipe


It was lovely, creamy and silky. I may have made a quiche once before in home economics at high school, but I can’t quite remember for sure! I would try it again.

So there concludes my Sunday (evening) of making things.

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