Delayed Gratification

“Sometimes the snow comes down in June

Sometimes the sun goes round the moon

Just when I thought a chance had passed

You go and save the best for last.”

Thank you Vanessa Williams for those (frankly ridiculous) lyrics. God help us if the sun ever goes around the moon. Never mind saving the best for last, you’ll be hoping you had just indulged and gone for it because you’d probably be dead. I shouldn’t lay all the blame on Vanessa, as she didn’t write the song, just sang it. Then Bisto went and used it for their ads in the early 90’s. A bit dramatic for gravy granules, which I’d argue isn’t the best bit of a roast dinner, but hey ho.

Delayed gratification is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward. If you employ this, then you are more likely to be patient, control your impulses, have self-control and willpower. When you make or buy a cake, do you eat it slowly, a piece a day so that you can prolong the enjoyment? Or do you hack at it with a knife, slicing great chunks off and stuff them into your face, barely able to taste it? If you are the latter, you will have had a massive helping of pleasure all in one go, but then, is there any pleasure to be had the next day? Is there any cake left to look forward to after a hard day at work? NO. You greedy bastard.

If, like me, you would savour the slice of cake you had each day, and give yourself the added pleasure of looking forward to a slice at the end of the day, then well done, you are perfect, just like me (JOKE, before anyone thinks I’m a twat, unless you already do, then you’re a bigger twat). Seriously though, this is a real psychology thing, and Walter Mischel conducted the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment. I was watching TV a few days ago, and a version of this experiment was shown. Children were sat in front of a marshmallow, and told that if they didn’t eat the marshmallow whilst mummy left the room for a few minutes, they could have another one. It was funny watching the children left with the marshmallow, some of them spoke to it, some of them sniffed it or licked it, and a large proportion of them ate it, with one child popping it in its mouth even before mummy had shut the door.

If you read my rambling post about Dream Kitchen Gadgets, then you would know I was battling in my head over whether to buy a stand mixer, and if so, which one. On Thursday, with my head on a high after the first Happy Kitchen triumph, I made up my mind. I ordered a Kenwood kMix in Almond Cream from Amazon. I received it yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, which was speedier than the expected delivery date. My delayed gratification skills instantly kicked in.I put the washing on the line. I made myself some lunch. I went to Homebase to buy a shelf. I went to B&Q to get rawl plugs. I put up the shelf (which I’m not happy with but that’s another story too boring to tell). I made dinner. It had been 6 hours since it was delivered.  THEN, and only then, did I unpack my little beauty.

It was a lot heavier than I was expecting. It was all neatly packaged, and came with 4 attachments, unlike the 3 it said in the product listing. The bowl is sooooo shiny and pretty. Here is a photograph I took in the bowl:

kmix bowl

It’s SO SHINY, it’s like a mirror. I wanted to use it right away, which is completely not in keeping with my delayed gratification traits, but so what, send me to a psychologist. I really wanted to try out the dough hook so I looked up a simple bread recipe, which I had to half as I didn’t have much strong white flour. I then proceeded to add way too much water – I hadn’t halved the water – so ended up having to add regular plain flour to make it less sticky. The mixer worked well, however, but I can see how it would do even better with more in the bowl. The bread looks good, but is pretty tough. I need to exercise my impulses and my self control. Here is the bread:


It fits well into a cupboard space I have created:

my kmix

The cat has been enjoying the box, as cats do.

cat in a box

I’ve told myself that this will be my last big purchase for a while. I’ve mostly got everything I need now… except a new kitchen. Hmm.

I’ll leave you with Vanessa Williams…


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