The Happy Kitchen Is Born

I’ve been up to something. Before you ask, it doesn’t involve ‘no good’. It combines a lot of good, actually. Of course, it incorporates food… duh. Since 30 Days of Baking, I’ve longed to have a go at some other sort of challenge. As time goes on, the desire to combine food and work gets stronger. Watching the Roux Scholarship has fuelled this even more, although I’m quite miffed that at 33 I’m way past it for the Roux family to consider me as a protégé. In fact, many cooking competitions require the entrants to be under 30. There was only one thing for it – to go for it anyway, regardless of age or absence of Rouxs.

I wanted to cook lunches once a week, for people at work. Ready to microwave, in a tub, pre-ordered so I knew how many to make. I got the green light 🙂 I quickly put up my first order poster, and it filled up in a flash!


As you can see, this week I made chilli with rice and sweetcorn fritters. I wasn’t really looking forward to the cooking, but I kicked myself up the butt, got moving and once I got started I loved it. I borrowed a big pot from my mum (hello mum) and made a vat of chilli and rice, and plenty of sweetcorn fritters. Even portioning it up into tubs was something I enjoyed. I weighed it all out (quality control), made some decorative bands for the tubs and filled up my fridge. Down to the last gram of chilli powder, I worked out how much it was going to cost me to make (such a geek).


It took me an evening to come up with the name. There were lots of alliteration-heavy ideas and some crazy ones thought up by my boyfriend. Eventually I settled on one that made perfect sense, for the way I feel when I’m cooking, eating or dreaming about food. The Happy Kitchen was born. The name didn’t just restrict me to lunches, but left space for all sorts of food including, of course, cakes.

Week 2 is already planned and filling up. It’s a veggie option, of tamarind chickpeas with yoghurt and a chapatti. I’m going to try and make my own chapattis – it doesn’t look too difficult and worth a try. The Happy Kitchen makes me happy. Onwards and upwards!

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