Father’s Day Feast

Father’s Day was a few days ago now, I know. I’ve been desperate to write this post but haven’t found the time until now. Short on money but with plenty of ideas, I decided to invite my dad around for lunch on Father’s Day. The traditional roast did cross my mind. We don’t eat roast dinners very often in the Souffle house, although we do love them, we find it can be a little too much work for two people. In the past we have bought a ready roasted chicken for our roast, which saves a lot on time and oven space. Fancy a good roast potato? We’ve got it down to a t (tee?). Plenty of salt, the correct type of spud (Maris Piper), lots of oil and don’t forget to baste and turn. Knowing the sort of food my dad likes, I thought I’d prepare a sort of indoor-picnic-barbeque type feast.

The meat element of my lunch was to be some ready-flavoured pork belly strips I found in the supermarket. I know I like pork belly, but had only really tried it in a ‘square’, not the strips. I know the cut is meant to be fatty but the amount of fat that is visible has put me off buying it in the past. Nevertheless, in my basket it went.

Sweetcorn fritters were the next item to accompany the pork. Made with a thick pancake-type batter with added sweetcorn, spring onion, chilli and coriander, these were fried up in a tiny bit of oil. Homemade coleslaw – it’s so easy and tastes a million miles away from the shop-bought stuff – was made up of white cabbage, grated carrot, celery, spring onions, fennel, mayonnaise, cider vinegar, salt and pepper. It was a slightly adapted recipe by Nigella. A pleasing sweetness was brought by the maple syrup. It really does work!

Boiled Charlotte potatoes tossed in butter and some mint leaves from the garden, together with a leafy salad completed the meal. It was devoured in silence! I really enjoyed the pork belly strips and I shall buy them again. The fat was obviously there but it was melt in the mouth and sweet. If I was to make the sweetcorn fritters again, I would add milk to the batter. Strangely enough it’s just egg and flour in the batter which made the fritters a bit tough and chewy. I’ve made the coleslaw again since, it was so nice.

fathers day lunchPart of my dad’s present was a box of raspberry and apple crumble muffins. These are a a firm and reliable favourite in my recipe repertoire. I think they rival a muffin of the same name from a well-known coffee and muffin outlet… in my opinion, anyway.

raspberry apple muffins 2This photo was taken before they were baked. I need to get on top of photographing food and making sure I get enough pictures! Suffice to say they turned out nicely and only 9 fitted in the box, so I got to keep 3 🙂

I got some exciting… information, shall we say, today. It’s exciting for me, anyway. I shall reveal more soon. For now, here are some recipes for you:

New Orleans Coleslaw I didn’t use nuts, and I added fennel.

Sweetcorn Fritters: Mix one egg and 50g self-raising flour. Add enough milk to thin it a little. Add one small drained tin of sweetcorn. Add other ingredients to your taste – I like chopped red chilli, coriander, spring onion. Mix and season to taste. Fry small portions in a hot pan with a little oil for a couple of minutes on each side. Serves 2, and the fritters can be frozen.

Raspberry and Apple Crumble Muffins


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