Dream Kitchen Gadgets

For a while now I’ve been obsessed with kitchen gadgets. I can’t pass a cook shop, I have to go in and dribble over all those gadgets I didn’t even know I needed. Two things prevent me from buying that unusual-sized cake tin I just might need one day. Number one: I have a tiny kitchen that doesn’t afford the space I wish I had for said gadgets. Number two: I can’t really afford it, either. Therefore, instead of walking out of the shop with bags full of exciting things and feeling a post-shop high, I’m more likely to be found dealing with my dribble-sodden self, sadly dabbing at my soggy clothes.

As I can look online and dribble in the privacy of my own home, I am often scouring for deals, especially for stand mixers at the moment. Stand mixers would fit both reasons why I wouldn’t buy them: space and money. I can still dream, eh?

KitchenAids have been ruled out. Waaaay too much dosh. Nice for you if you have one. My next choice was a Kenwood kMix. They look good (so shallow) but seem to be more powerful than the KitchenAid, and power is what you want when mixing, right? However they are still pretty expensive. The cheapest I’ve seen has been £260.

Today a groupon became available for a Bodum stand mixer, alongside a couple of other Bodum electrical gadgets. £195 for the stand mixer in a choice of 4 colours. Bodum seems to be a well-respected company with simple designs, and it seems they offer their products in a range of colours throughout. This is the mixer on offer, available in 4 colours:

bodum mixerNow. There’s one thing I’ve discovered about groupon offers lately, which you might already have realised. The products that they offer at discounted prices are also on offer at other retailers. Maybe I’ve got the wrong idea of groupons, and it’s just meant to be a way of letting you know an offer is happening, rather than it being exclusive. I would always research the product first, and that means that I see all the offers on the internet anyway. Enough about groupon.

The mixer exterior is not metal like the kMix or the KitchenAid, but it is has a rubberised coating. The bowl holds 4.7 litres (the same as KitchenAid) and it is 700 watts (more than double that of the KitchenAid!) Bodum has 7 speeds and KitchenAid has 10. Who really needs 3 extra speeds? Not for double the price, anyway!

The Kenwood kMix has a slightly larger bowl at 5 litres, a 500 watt motor and 6 speed settings (I think). It also comes in a range of colours – not as many as the KitchenAid, but enough to please the average person!

kenwood kmix

I quite like the bright yellow colour. I also like the aluminium together with this. Comparing the mixers on capacity, power and speed settings, the Bodum seems to average out the best in my opinion. Price-wise, it also wins. See how detailed my dreams are? I’ve weighed up a purchase I’m unlikely to make. Never say never… I think I’d spend the extra £60 for a kMix. Or maybe I’d save on looks and go for the cheaper Bodum. Anyone want to buy me a kMix? Or offer their opinion? One feels like one has blathered on for too long. I hope you don’t mind. I must now wipe the dribble off my laptop. Goodbye.

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