Herby Yoghurt Linguine and Rhubarb Ginger Bars

On Sunday, after finishing laying a laminate floor, I went crazy in the kitchen, making the above two dishes plus cooking my lunch for the next day. I spent far too much time washing up (at least three times) and was glad for my bed at the end of the day. However, I still love spending time in the kitchen creating new things. I am still impressed with how much can be made from a few ingredients.

As I write this post, my mind is somewhere between frozen and whirled-up, which leads to a lot of silence and staring into space. I think it’s because I just spent an hour with fifteen Year 6 pupils at the first Photography Club session this year. I spew out so much stuff, and have plans that I don’t necessarily follow, therefore when I’m finished my mind goes into meltdown. Any thought of something that I might have forgotten, which I then forget what I thought I’d forgotten, also sends my mind into this status. This used to happen a lot a while ago, when I didn’t have such good control of my mind, but now I’m feeling better it happens less, and I tend to deal with it better. I’m hoping this post about food will distract my crazy mind!

So, anyway, onto the food. I read a post about a creamy linguine with herbs and lemon on Big Girls Small Kitchen and decided that it had been too long since I had last made a decent pasta dish. As a fan of creamy pasta sauces, this recipe spoke to me with it’s simple ingredients (two of which I had growing in my garden). It also contains yoghurt as the main creamy ingredient, along with egg which makes it a bit like a carbonara.




It was a really simple, fresh summer pasta recipe. There are only natural ingredients in it too, unless you call Greek yoghurt processed, which I guess you can. This was an occasion where the food turned out how I expected it to look. Which is always good.

I can’t say the same for the next recipe, which is for rhubarb bars with a ginger base. Again, the draw was the fact that I have rhubarb growing in my garden. The pictures on the website looked enticing and the rhubarb bars looked delicately pink. The recipe is from Katie at The Kitchen Door and you can see it here. See how pink and luscious they look there?

I didn’t achieve that blushing pink. I got some sort of beigey-brown! I lay no blame on the recipe for this. I used a slightly smaller dish to press the base into, so I should really have used one less egg as the mixture was close to overflowing from the dish. That ratio of rhubarb to egg might have rescued the colour. Regardless of the this, they taste great and tangy and warming, all at once. They are kept in the fridge, so they are refreshingly cool and have a delightful squidge to them when bitten into. Here’s some photos:

ImageSee that colour? Ah well, they have nearly all been eaten so surely that speaks louder than their appearance!

One other thing to mention is that I bought a bottle of rapeseed oil at the weekend as I noticed that it was on offer, making it the same price as the bottle of olive oil I’d usually buy. I’ve been hearing about rapeseed and it’s benefits, one being that it has half the saturated fat of olive oil. On the other hand, I’ve also read that it can taste cabbagey, which isn’t great for a cooking oil. So far I have used it to cook with and to make a dressing and I haven’t tasted this flavour. But then I haven’t been glugging it back from the bottle so I don’t expect I will detect it! It’s produced in Britain so that’s a positive point.


I’m off to eat a rhubarb bar and to continue to clear my mind. Laters…

Photos with added text or borders have been edited with the ‘A Beautiful Mess’ app which I got from the iTunes app store.

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