Liebster Award


Well, would you believe it, I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award. That was a little surprising! My blog hasn’t been going for very long, and only really got going during April for 30 Days of Baking. Thank you to  Granelli di zucchero for nominating me.

The way it works is that a blog with less than 200 followers gets nominated by another blog with less than 200 followers. The nominator posts 11 questions that you need to answer in your post, in which you thank the nominator and also nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers. You then post your own 11 questions (plus 11 facts about yourself) for the next people to answer…and so on. So, although there is a slight disappointment that I shan’t be attending any fancy awards ceremony, receiving an actual physical award or putting on a fancy dress, it’s still exciting to be chosen from all the blogs that are out there to choose.

Here are the answers to the questions posed to me from Granelli di zucchero

1. How is your passion for food born?

I’m not sure, to be truthful. I do know that I baked regularly with my Granny, and that my mum has always made home cooked meals. I remember looking through my mum’s cookbooks and choosing what I would make if I was going to cook for friends or family.

2. Do you prefer to prepare salty or sweet dishes?

Both! Although at the moment I’m making more of an effort with cakes.

3. What would you prepare for a candle light dinner?

Some sort of baked cheese with crusty bread. A steak, with a sauce and some vegetables. A dessert with chocolate. Simple stuff so you can focus on the company, and not be in the kitchen all night!

4. What is the ugliest dish you ate?

Not sure about the ugliest, but I do remember refusing to eat one thing my mum cooked for dinner. I can’t remember refusing to eat anything else in my life. It was Supernoodles incorporated into one of the meal ideas on the back of the packet. It was disgusting and I just couldn’t eat it! I do like Supernoodles on their own, however. I realise that this contradicts my answer to question 1. It was the 80’s, there was a recession on!

5. Is there any dish you associate to a nice experience?

Lots of things that I’ve eaten on holiday, namely in Goa and Thailand.

6. Which is your favourite cocktail?

Pina Colada, or a Bramble.

7. Who is your favourite chef (or pastry chef)?

Not necessarily for his food, but just for who he is – Michel Roux Jr. He is so lovely, and seems down to earth.

8. Which is the most representative dish from your city (specify which city)?

Ha! In Luton, it’s got to be chicken and chips. 2 piece and chips please, boss.

9.  How do you recognize a good restaurant?

Uncluttered, clean appearance, friendly staff, and a flow of customers.

10. Which spice do you consider indispensable in your kitchen?

It sounds a bit boring, but it obviously has to be black pepper. A staple!

11. If you were a dessert, which one would you be and why?

This is a difficult one. I’ve never thought of myself as food before. As a cat, yes. But not food. Let’s see…baked nectarines with almonds, honey and yoghurt. Because? It’s a bit good for you, is made of all natural ingredients and it will surprise you how tasty it is. Ha. I don’t like that question!

11 facts about me:

1. I have a brother and a sister, I am the oldest.

2. I have been with my boyfriend for 12 years.

3. I never replace the toilet roll when I finish it.

4. I used to be a nurse.

5. I have a photography degree.

6. I twisted my ankle at Luton Hoo.

7. I don’t like it when spoons etc clink against the side of the vessel they are stirring in.

8. I would never go white water rafting ever again.

9. I love waking up to sunshine.

10. I enjoy my job.

11. I work to live.

I nominate these 11 blogs: (I want to visit Japan one day) (has a great craftsy class) (great writing)…

The 11 questions I pose to the above bloggers are:

1. Do you eat breakfast, if so, what?

2. Your choice – a meal out or a meal in?

3. Do you follow recipes to the letter?

4. What is the best advice you have been given (food related or otherwise)?

5. Do you have a garden?

6. Is there a piece of kitchen equipment you couldn’t go without?

7. Is there any food you would never try?

8. Do you have any pets?

9. Shower or bath?

10. Starter or dessert?

11. What is your favourite restaurant?

Congratulations to the above nominees, I hope you find some new blogs to read and follow 🙂


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