Washing-up windowsill

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Do you have a little corner of your home where you display things that maybe you wish you could through the rest of your home? Or do you have a little collection that has pride of place on a windowsill somewhere? I do! I have a little collection of things on my kitchen windowsill that make washing up just a little bit more okay. Just a smidgeon. They are mostly things that people have brought me back from holidays, but there are a few bits I’ve bought myself. I also have a net curtain at my kitchen window and I’m not ashamed to admit that I like it! For me it adds a certain je ne sais quoi, and sets off the other tat objets d’art so well. (Please understand this is slightly tongue in cheek, although I love my windowsill of things).


Let me introduce you to the inhabitants of my kitchen windowsill. From left to right:

1. Olympus Trip camera from ebay.

2. Origami lily made by myself.

3. Vintage clock from Brighton.

4. Wooden elephant, origin unknown.

5. Ceramic cow milker, from my Dad.

6. Knitted chick to go over eggs or chocolate eggs at Easter, from Keech charity shop.

7. Ceramic cat on cushion, from Hong Kong, given to me by my brother.

8. Orange plastic deer, from Keech charity shop.

9. Painted stone, hedgehog and giraffe, possibly from Devon, given to me by my friend Carly.

10. Small Yemeni house, from Yemen (duh) given to me by my sister.

11. Plastic farmer holding a lamb, found whilst digging in my garden.

12. Small cat, also found whilst digging in my garden.

13. Golden waving lucky cat, from a VW festival, given to me by my friend Carly.

14. Golden gnome, from TK Maxx. He was reduced and I couldn’t leave him behind. He is pure tack.

So there you are. I’m not entirely sure why I wanted to post this, other than the fact that I like it.


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