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Every Wednesday, all the grandchildren would finish school and we would be picked up by my granny. We would go to the newsagents and pick a magazine or comic, and some sweets. The sweets were often chocolate eclairs, or Munchies and I got into the routine of choosing teen girl’s magazines, things like Just 17, or Smash Hits. I remember clearly the one with Holly Johnson on the front cover, and the pages with song lyrics. I got myself a Smash Hits Awards t-shirt, which if I still had now, I would definitely wear.

I never really got into reading women’s magazines, such as Company, and….I can’t name any more. That’s how little interest I have in them. Too many adverts, rehashed story topics and too much emphasis on going to parties at Christmas. Does anyone actually throw parties over the Christmas period? I’ve never been to one that isn’t work related. What a load of twaddle.

Out of all the food magazines available, I’ve only really chosen one over the past few years, and not even regularly either. Olive magazine had a good selection of food articles and easy weekday dinner ideas, alongside fancy chef recipes. It’s just as well these magazines are monthly as they can be quite pricey. Recently I discovered delicious magazine, (the lower case is intentional) from which I posted the puttanesca recipe. More down to earth than Olive, it strikes me as more of a magazine for those who like KFC and admit it, rather than those who think it is ironic.

Two new magazines made their way into my home over the weekend. I was in WHSmith perusing the shelves, avoiding the Jamie magazine (what a brand he has made for himself) when I came across a series of magazines, of which all the titles ended in the word Heaven. Number 1: Cupcake Heaven. Number 2: Baking Heaven. Number 3: Cake Decorating Heaven. Number 3 appealed to me because it had a lot of information about a subject I don’t really know much about. There is so much technical jargon! I have already picked up some tricks and had some “oh, so that’s how it’s done” moments. I’d probably buy this again if it had enough projects that I was interested in. This issue (Summer 2013) has 50 projects, which are all different cake decoration projects, all with pictures and step-by-step guides. The price is £4.99, but if you were in the business or wanted to learn more then it’s good value for money.


The other magazine was called sweet (again, intentional lower case) and is from the publishers of Mollie Makes, which is a craft magazine. This was the second issue, and is priced at £6.99. I’ve never paid that much for a magazine before but I have to say that I would buy this one again. It looks great, the photography is gorgeous and it’s not just cake orientated. There is a section called ‘Makes’ where there are a range of do it yourself craft projects, aimed at beginners to those with a bit more craft experience. It is also filled with things that are then linked to a website or blog. I was putting the magazine down every few pages to have a quick look at the relevant web link. There is a distinct lack of adverts in sweet magazine. I’m not sure how they do that but the magazine reads so much more smoothly than if there were adverts every few pages. A thumbs up for sweet. I shall be buying you again!


Are there any magazines you love, food or otherwise? Pass it on 🙂

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