30 Days of Baking: The Epilogue

There is a large, cake-shaped hole in my life (and it’s not my mouth). Whilst it’s nice to be able to relax, sit down and write this, I am missing the baking.

I tried 30 different recipes over the month. Not one was repeated. There’s one or two I wouldn’t repeat, but on the whole my baking repertoire has increased a lot.

I’ve added up the eggs, flour, butter and sugar I’ve used over 30 days, and here’s the results:

Eggs: 82
Flour: 5.29KG
Butter: 3.9KG
Sugar: 6.27KG

Based on the average prices of these products, I haven’t had to pay out an awful lot of money, not when it’s spread out over 30 days and 30 cakes!

I really enjoyed how much other people enjoyed my cakes, and the blogs. It felt exciting, and felt like I was doing something good. People were so grateful to get a cake, and as someone said, it made them feel special. That is an important part of the exercise. An unexpected gift can really lift the spirits.

Not forgetting the reason I raised money, which is for Mind, I feel quite strongly that acts of kindness and thoughtfulness can make a huge difference to someone’s day. If I know I’ve made someone happy by doing something for them, then that lifts my spirits too.

I will try to make some sort of book of the recipes. I’d like to make a properly bound copy for myself but I’m not sure of the format I’d use if I was to share it.

Just before I go, I’d like to let you know I’ve raised around £500. I’m still taking donations and am waiting for a few to come in. Not bad, eh? Pretty impressed with myself. I keep saying thank you, but still, thank you to all that have sponsored or supported me in any way, there’s a lot of you!

So…what next?


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