Day 29: 30 Days of Baking

It’s the day before the end. I’m going to miss my new found ritual of reaching for my mixing bowl to magically make a cake out of a few ingredients. Lots of people have asked me if I’m sick of making cakes. The answer is no! At least one person seemed disappointed with that answer. 😝

I was thinking today, it’s fascinating how combining things changes them – for example creaming butter and sugar, or simply melting sugar in a pan to make caramel. That’s got to be the science side right?

Today’s cake is a caramel orange and poppy seed cake. it’s a recipe that uses all of the orange, including the skin. It has a layer of caramelised oranges in the centre of the cake, then some more oranges on top as well as caramelised orange syrup/icing. This one smelled especially delicious whilst it was in the oven.

I’m giving this cake to Kelly at work. She visited my Clare’s house on the day of the marathon supporters tea and cake event, and told me she loved my orange and almond torte (see Day 21).

I already know where my last cake is going. I attempted to deliver a cake during the month that went a bit wrong (the delivery, not the cake) and have since had requests to repeat delivery! I think it has to be a bit of a special one to mark the end of the month.

Aaanndd there’s still time to donate. Please, even if it’s a pound, or 10p, it all makes a difference, to those we know (and don’t know) struggling with, or recovering from mental health problems.

Until then…


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