Day 28: 30 Days of Baking

Stretchhh… I’ve just woken from a Sunday afternoon kip on the sofa. A little guilty pleasure, minus the guilt. Why should I feel guilty for listening to my body when it’s letting me know it needs rest? Hee hee. Only thing is, I have a mountain of washing up and some baking still to do, and it’s nearly 6.30pm.

Today’s cake was a White Chocolate Cappuccino Cake. It was up there with the praline coffee gateaux in the looks category. Another show-off of a cake. It was a simple sponge recipe, with a cream and white chocolate filling, topped with a white chocolate buttercream, rolled in dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. Phew.

A friend called Ben got this beauty of a cake. I hadn’t seen Ben since last year, of course that has been rectified now. We had a coffee and talked about holidays. Oh, holidays…you elude me. Sigh.

It’s the penultimate day of 30 Days of Baking tomorrow! I really feel I shall be sad to see it end. I have had several requests for some sort of recipe book, any ideas or comments on that? It would be a nice memory of my endeavours during April 2013.

Right. I’m off to scale Mount Washing-Up. See you tomorrow x


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