Day 25: 30 Days of Baking

Last night, I had a gin and tonic. James splashed out on a bottle of Tanqueray when he went shopping. You know how smells can bring you memories and transport you back to places you’ve been? One little whiff of a G&T and I’m 5000 miles away in India.

On the beach or in the bar, it was my drink of choice (and I learned to love it) when JD wasn’t available or was crazily priced. I’m not sure what brand gin I was served, but it was local tonic water all the way. It was perfectly refreshing, and slipped down dangerously easily. The fragrance of this drink (and I believe it is like a fragrance) brings me the sensation of intense warmth on my skin, the sound of the gentle crash of the waves, and also fill me with a kind of quiet peace that you can only get whilst on holiday…
…I want a holiday.

Not quite so powerful, but effective none the less, are the smells and the process of baking for transporting me away from the mundanities of life. It’s creative and experimental, it’s joyful and mood-lifting, it’s energy channelling. I suppose you want to hear about what cake I made? Ok. You can tell I had a bit more time to write this blog!

Today’s cake is…drum roll…a chocolatechipnutellabreadwithacreamcheeseswirl chocolate chip Nutella bread with a cream cheese swirl. Except I forgot to swirl it, so it’s more of a layer. Made for Katrina at work, who was as specific as Steve – banana cake with chocolate, was her request. I made a banana cake with chocolate plus some bells and whistles. Experimental and creative, right? The recipe is from here.

Five days left. Almost there! I need to add up my donations. I’ve had a couple of pleasant surprise donations that I need to thank people for. If you feel like pushing up the total, you can donate at

See you tomorrow x


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