Day 20: 30 Days of Baking

Day 20, what a lovely day. I can see blue sky with not a hint of cloud. Plants in the garden are starting to DO stuff. Yeah, it’s not boiling hot but it’s a start!

Day 20 had me making green tea cupcakes. The recipe title included the word ‘mini’ but I’m not sure what is miniature about them. Standard size, as far as I can see. Green tea in cake and the green buttercream icing. The icing was a little loose, probably because I made it and left it on the side for a while.

Gabby from work got these cakes today. I delivered them to her house, and her little daughter greeted me with some personalised junk mail, just for me. Of course I put it in my bag and took it home. Gabby is part of the team I work with at work. It’s a fun team, and a good team. I think we all get along really well, with no clashes of personality. We is well ace!

Tomorrow, my Uncle’s partner Paul runs the London marathon. Another Uncle and his wife are holding a tea and cake fuelled supporters club at their house whilst the marathon is on TV. I’ll be popping along and maybe bringing a little something along with me…


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