Day 19: 30 Days of Baking

I very much wanted to eat the carrot cake I made yesterday. I was told it was good from a self proclaimed connoisseur of carrot cake. I’ll be making that one myself.

I’m a dinner lady as well as my normal job at work. I love seeing what some of the kids have for lunch every day. Some of them have a different thing every day. Some don’t, and that’s another story. Chatting with them is a lot of fun, and I especially remember trying to explain what history is. Basically it ended up with me saying that history is things from a long time ago, or that are old. The child I was talking to proclaimed her shoes to be history, and me (because I am old I suppose!). Made me laugh a lot!

Today’s cake is a chocolate Victoria Sponge. A reasonably simple cake to make, thank goodness. It’s for Becky at work. It smells good and looks good. I’ll have to wait for Becky’s feedback to let you know if it tastes good!


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