Day 18: 30 Days of Baking

Cake went down well at work on Day 17. The recipients of Day 16 and 17 decided to leave the cakes in the staffroom for people to have and to leave a little bit of money. I’m getting new sponsors too, which is great, plus donations on my justgiving page –

The six layer cake was pretty good for a random basic sponge recipe on BBC Food. I added a bit extra baking powder and it rose to to the perfect size.

Today’s cake is a carrot cake. For a classic cake, I don’t think I’ve made one before. I love carrot cake however, so I’m sure I’ll be making it again. Yet another BBC Good Food recipe. Again added a little more baking powder and it has risen to the biggest cake I think I’ve ever made. I made the cream cheese icing to go with it and I’ll ice it this morning as the cake was still cooling last night.

I’m getting good sleep from all this extra activity, and dreaming of cake, not surprisingly. Oh, today I went to Asda and brought home…


Goodbye until tomorrow…



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