Day 15: 30 Days of Baking

I am typing this about to go to bed. Today has been so busy! Last day of the holidays and I am busier than all the days put together. I baked two lots of cakes, one lot of brioche rolls, went to the gym, went to a yoga class and made dinner. That’s a busy day for me!

Today I made a cake for my dad’s birthday. He wanted something with fruit and nuts in, so I made an apple and sultana cake, added some pecan nuts and topped it with some crushed hazelnuts and a lemon sugar syrup. I’ve discovered I’ve made around a third of my cakes so far with apple. It’s a favourite ingredient of mine.

So…back to work tomorrow. Lots of people at work will be getting cakes. It’s obviously going to be a bit harder as I’ll have to make the cakes in the evening for the next day. I’m not getting up at 5am to make cakes every morning. No siree bob. I do however know that I’ll be in a supermarket pretty much every evening!


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