Day 12: 30 Days of Baking

Yesterday I bought an oven thermometer. I’d been thinking about it for a few weeks, and whilst they aren’t particularly expensive pieces of kit, I just hadn’t done anything about it. I’d been looking in the supermarkets when I’d visited but hadn’t seen one, until I found this one in Sainsburys, half price.

I tried it out today as I preheated my oven to Gas Mark 6 which is 200 degrees centigrade. It turns out my oven is about 10 degrees too hot, and I had to turn it down just over a full gas mark for the thermometer to read 200 degrees. I suppose that 10 degrees could be vital for some recipes, and to be fair some of the edges of things I’d been cooking had been burning slightly.

It’s Day 12 today. Still not even halfway through! I feel like I’ve been doing this for ages. The ‘challenge’ aspect is starting to make itself known! Today I made some chocolate brownies from the Good Housekeeping book. They turned out ok, but something had settled at the bottom of the brownies during baking – I’m not sure if it was sugar, or egg, but it looked a bit odd. They still tasted ok. My mum got the cakes today, hello mum if you’re reading! Once before I made brownies with a disastrous result. This is only my second attempt and I still have to find a decent recipe! I’m going to give baking with chocolate a break for a while. Bye for now.


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2 thoughts on “Day 12: 30 Days of Baking

  1. I had never really considered tht my oven might not be the temperature it said until in the last British Bake Off Paul Hollywood said the xo testers should know their ovens by now. I realises my oven is also hotter than it should be, I reduce by 5-10 degrees for best results

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