Day 11: 30 Days of Baking

Today is Day 11, not Day 12 as I thought at first. Decorated the box with the wrong day, then decorated a replacement tag with the same thing. Excuse the Day 12 in the photo below…

Yesterday I got to try some of my cake for the first time during this challenge. Rachel kindly offered me some and it wasn’t too bad. It was pretty nice actually! Smug face.

Today I have used chocolate for only the second time in the month, I think. I had prepared (or so I thought) to make some a recipe for muffins in my book. When I opened it today, it was clear that wasn’t the recipe I had prepared for. I can’t actually remember which recipe I had prepared for! Never mind, I found a recipe for triple chocolate muffins so I went ahead and made these. A slightly odd recipe in that you add melted chocolate to the liquid ingredients. I wasn’t going to do this at first, was just going to use cocoa powder but at the last minute decided to melt the chocolate.

When it was added to the liquid, it went all strange and clumpy. I’m not sure if it was meant to do that, but I kept whisking until it was incorporated as best as it could be.

The resulting muffins are well risen with a cracked top, but unlike the picture on the recipe they are a paler brown. I suppose that’s because the chocolate didn’t distribute so well.

I’ve just tried one, and I don’t think I’d use the recipe again. The texture is more like bread and they are a little chewy. Not what I was expecting, but not a failure. I got to try one because I brought today’s goods to my friend Carly. I haven’t seen her for quite a while so it was nice to catch up.

It will be the REAL day 12 tomorrow! I have a box all ready and prepared at least. Here’s my justgiving page, if you can donate, please do! Over and out until tomorrow…


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