Day 9: 30 Days of Baking

It’s still Day 9, it’s still Day 9! Forgive me for the late post, but I’ve been learning about resurrection men, drinking cocktails and eating MEAT. Tasty cocktails and juicy MEAT. Oh yes.

Today I made a spiced apple, cranberry and pecan cake. I think it is the best looking cake so far. To be honest it looked like the dullest cake so far so I had to bling it up with some additional topping.

Who to give my best cake so far to, but my granny. The lady who baked with me at her house, jam tarts I remember the most. My lovely granny was surprised to see me today. I delivered the cake still warm. I couldn’t stay as I was off to London, but had a quick chat anyway. She has been reading these blogs, so hello granny, I know you’re watching!!

We had a lovely day in London, learning about body snatchers, or resurrection men, then enjoying cocktails at Apres London, then a heap of meat and beer at Bodeans.

I’d better publish this now whilst I have some sort of data connection on the train. I’m way past my bedtime. Heavens to betsy!


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