Day 8: 30 Days of Baking

So here is today’s cake: a Swedish apple cake, or applekaka, recipe courtesy of Annika and her family. I forgot to mention yesterday that Annika bought me some ingredients as a different way to donate.

In this recipe there were some unfamiliar things – measuring flour in mls in a jug, having a very thick and sticky mixture, and some familiar, like rubbing butter in to flour and sugar.

I’ve done quite well with resisting wanting to eat any of the cakes so far, but this one I did want to eat. It smelled cinnamon-ny and full of goodness. I caught my boyfriend with his face almost in the cake and had to beat him off.

Today’s cake went to another good friend, Vicky, whom I met on my photography course. We have stayed friends since. I like a good chat with Vicky, she always has a story or two.

Tomorrow, I’m off to London with James to the museum of London for their Doctors and Dissection exhibition, cocktails at Apres London, and dinner, tbc. Baking before we leave though! Until tomorrow…toodle pip.


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