Day 7: 30 Days of Baking

Day 7 has arrived and the end of the first week has been marked! It was also considerably warmer than of late, two things happened today to confirm this:

I wore my lightest jacket and survived.

The first ice-cream van tune of the year was heard.

Today I made cinnamon whirls/swirls/whatever you want to call them. Pre-made puff pastry sprinkled liberally with cinnamon, mixed spice and sugar, folded in a very complicated way, sliced and baked.

They came out a little overcooked I think, I like them chewy in the middle still so if I was to make them again, I’d bake them for slightly less than the 20 minutes in the recipe.

My good friend Annika was given these pastries. I met her today for a coffee, we went to the coffee house on Park Street, I really liked it in there. It was peaceful and light and airy, much more enjoyable than a trip to Costa. The coffee was nice, too. Annika bought me some ingredients for cake making today, which was very kind of her. She has also supplied me with a recipe for tomorrow. I hope I can do it justice! Until tomorrow, folks.


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