Day 5: 30 Days of Baking

Yesterday I picked up a 4 pack of Snickers bars at the shops. I’d made Mars bar cakes before, and they are really tasty and simple. I thought I’d try it with Snickers.

Good idea, but I didn’t think how little chocolate there is in a Snickers bar. A little chocolate and a lot of nougat and peanuts, which doesn’t make for good binding, funnily enough. I popped out to the shop around the corner and bought a extra bar of milk chocolate, melted that and added the Snickery-crispy mix to it. Better, but not what I had planned.

I had decided to give them to Headway, a charity that helps people with acquired brain injury. I turned up to their base, but the doors were locked and no-one was in. Hmm. A quick decision was made to give them to the local police station.

Luckily, I have never had reason to be inside a police station. I was expecting a desk manned by staff. It was quite different. There were no staff on view, and it was a ticket system. I was number 8 in the queue. I sat for about 5 minutes, noticed that no-one was coming out and decided to leave them on the very high desk, and go. So hopefully the staff at the police station enjoyed my Snickers crispy bites (that’s what I’ve named them!)


The sun has been very elusive today. I found a couple of pictures on Instagram that were posted around this time 2 years ago. The pear and apple trees were in blossom, the tulips had bloomed and the sun was out. Hurry up warmer weather!


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