Day 3: 30 Days of Baking

Day 3 has arrived! A slightly later start to the baking today. Today was chocolate chip shortbread, from a recipe here which I adapted by adding chocolate chips. One of my favourite types of biscuit, it’s so rich and crumbly with sweet chunks of chocolate. I followed the recipe but the dough was too dry to roll out, so I added a splash of milk to moisten it.

Didn’t put them in the fridge to chill like it says in the recipe, oops, didn’t seem to make any difference to me. I was going to leave them on someone’s car for them to discover, as we have been in MK today.

We went to the dry cleaners round the corner from us, we had a jacket to clean and I have a dress I want altered a little. I decided that I’d give the shortbread to the couple in the shop. Again, I explained why I was giving them biscuits. They asked what charity it was for, I told them. The lady then said something to her husband in another language and he opened up his wallet! I explained they didn’t need to give me any money, donation or otherwise, but they told me to give it to the charity. I was very taken aback and it was a little awkward, as I didn’t want people to feel like they had to give me something because I have given them something. Thank you Stitch and Sew Dry Cleaners and Tailors on Albert Road, Luton. Your money will happily go to charity 🙂



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