A ‘Can’t Be Arsed’ Dinner

This morning I took a couple of chicken portions out of the freezer. Did I have any idea what I was going to do with them come dinner time? Nope.
They were part of a massive bargain pack of chicken pieces from Asda. I was more interested in making my cakes this morning to think about dinner. So they sat there, defrosting,and with every droplet of water that rolled off their plastic shroud they hoped I would turn them into something spectacular, that would raise them from their plain, pale potentially dried out destiny.

I got off the sofa eventually and walked to the kitchen (I can almost reach the kitchen with my toes when I’m lying on the sofa) and stared at the chicken portions, which right now were about as interesting as the junk mail I get through my door EVERY DAY! EVERY DAY I tell you. No, I don’t want to sell my house to you. I don’t CARE if there is lots of interest in my area…sorry. I should get back to the chicken.

I looked in the cupboard and blam! Kapow! Inspiration hit me. Chickpeas! Red onion! Garlic! Lemon zest! Chopped tomatoes with chilli! My eyebrows are lost in my hair now I’ve used so many exclamation marks. Fry the onion and the garlic, brown the chicken, put in an oven dish. Add the tomatoes and chickpeas and lemon zest to the pan and warm through. Pour on top of the chicken and put in oven for 30mins or so GM 6.

I also made flatbread. Never made it before, for some reason I thought you needed yeast of something (the clue was in the word flat, duh) but its just flour, spices and water. They turned out a little thick and chewy but a good addition to this meal. I also toasted some dessicated coconut with cumin seeds and ground them down as a crunchy topping to the chicken.
(I’ve seen that lemon before somewhere)

I’ve learnt that you can start off not arsed and end up the opposite…would that make me arsed? Yes. I am now arsed.

If you’re still reading, congratulations. I’m finished now. Bye!


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