Day 1: 30 Days of Baking

Today I began my sponsored baking marathon. Every day in April I will be baking something, and give the end product away, as a nice surprise treat of cake for someone. The inspiration came from a lady I saw on the TV who baked every day for a year, giving the cakes away (although she didn’t do it for charity). I thought it sounded like a kind and thoughtful thing to do for those I know, and those I don’t. I decided to do it for charity (Mind and Alzheimers Society) and asked people to sponsor me! More is revealed at


On to day 1.

Cake number 1.

A lemon yoghurt cake, a tried and tested recipe. It’s my favourite lemon cake ever. It’s also pretty simple. The only differences from regular cakes is the addition of greek style yoghurt, and whisked egg whites.


I decided to give this one to a neighbour. I picked a door at random (I don’t know many of my neighbours) and luckily there was someone in! The lady that answered the door looked slightly bewildered but I think I can expect some of that. She gladly took the cake though, so Day 1 successfully completed! I felt a bit shaky afterwards, I suppose you never know if someone is going to throw you a look of disgust as you offer them for free your efforts in cake form.


The finished cake. I decorated the cake box too. Looking forward to tomorrow, ingredients ready, recipe chosen. See you on Day 2!

Bye for now




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