A Lifelong Commitment

Dear Reader,

I am about to share with you a story of desire, need and love.

I’d had the slow-burning desire for a long time. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the seriousness or the commitment required. In my heart I longed for more… but my head, well, my head echoed with that ‘sensible’ voice telling me to settle.

What if I made the wrong decision? I had something perfectly adequate. Something safe, that I was familiar with, and was familiar with me. A niggling voice echoed in my head. “You don’t want adequate. You want bigger and better!” The truth was I did.

Well, I listened – it’s worth a try, I bravely thought. Listen to your heart for once. You deserve the best. You’re a good person. You need more. Commencing my search, I came across plenty that weren’t up to standard, and it’s important to have standards. I could tell that not all of them were in for the long haul. Six months and I’d be back to square one again. I didn’t want to keep searching for the remainder of my days, knowing that my ‘forever’ was somewhere out there, just waiting to become part of my life.

Sleepless nights led me wearily to the 29th December 2012. A carefully considered decision was about to be made. I’d seen photographs, the whole package was there. I’d be left wanting for nothing. I was about to change my life!

As I travelled into town, a last minute panic swept through me. Is this the right thing to do? Can I afford to do this? After all, I have my safe and reliable option at home. No. Don’t change your mind. Go with your heart.

As my eyes took in the sight in front of me, I knew this was the right thing to do. Hard anodised steel? Yes please! 5 pieces? Uh huh! Half price and with a £20 gift card? I was sold.

My Raymond Blanc by Anolon 5 piece hard anodised steel pan set was one of the best purchases I’d made for the kitchen. Completely non-stick. Shiny handles. Sleek and stylish. I couldn’t wait to ditch my adequate and safe pan set!

I can happily say I have now experienced a rolling boil, something my old pans were never able to give me. Up until now I had thought it was a myth. It was a special moment 🙂


a happy pan owner




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